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So How Did I Boost My Earnings In Just 3 Months?

           It's simple. I made a lot of mistakes, and then I corrected them. As I went along I documented what I did
           wrong and what techniques increased my earnings. Why make the same mistakes I did? I spent my time
           writing this eBook to share my personal experiences with Adsense with you so you can also increase your
           daily earnings significantly.
           I'm a real person with real world earnings. I'm not making a gazillion dollars but I'm making a fair share to
           supplement my online earnings and my family's income which is enough for me.
           I wrote this book because I believe that there is nothing better than passive income. I love waking up in the
           morning and knowing that I made money while I was sleeping. I love making money while I m working. It
           feels good to make extra money to be able to do the things that I want to do with it.
           Maybe one day I myself will be making those ridiculous figures that some people make with Adsense. But
           for now, I want to share the success I ve had with Adsense with other people so that they can duplicate it
           and hopefully find some success of their own.
                              What Adsense Pirate Isn't
             1. Adsense Pirate isn't a get rich quick plan. I am not rich and this eBook probably
               won't make you rich either.
             2. It is not a step by step plan in which at the end there is a giant pot of gold with
               your name written on it.
             3. It is not written by anybody else. I have bought eBooks full of rehashed junk
               before and I would never stoop down to that level.
                               What Adsense Pirate Is
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