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Learn How To Make Money While You Make Money - How I
             Went From $8 A Day To Over $800 A Month Using Google
           Adsense Pirate - Tips, Tools, & Techniques That I Used To Boost My
           Adsense Earnings From $8 A Day To Over $800 A Month ...

           From the desk of: Barry Hurst.

           Today's date: Thursday December 22, 2022
           Strugglin' Adsense Pirate,
           I know how it feels to make pennies per day on Adsense. I also know how it feels to
           make quite a bit of money per month on Adsense. I don't make millions or hundreds
           of thousands per year using it, but it does pay the rent and cover extra expenses. If
           you're already making millions with Adsense then you should probably leave the page.
           But if you're trying to boost your earnings significantly..then I suggest you read on!
              In Only A Few Months I Boosted My Earnings From This

                        To Something A Little More Like This

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